January 2018 Wants

   So after a break of I don’t want to admit how long, I’ve decided to give this blog business another whirl. I’ve since married my best friend, visited the most beautiful places, furnished our first home together, changed jobs, achieved my childhood dream of having my very own horse, nurtured two beautiful abandoned kittens and adopted them into our family. It’s not all been perfect, but I think I’m finally in the position where all is calm, and I know exactly where I’m heading J I’ve recently set myself 25 goals to achieve before I’m 25, and I really recommend anyone else do so. I might do a post about it soon, if anyone’s interested? But to get into the swing of these again here are my current January 2018 wants:

Topshop Lucy Coat  (£65) - I've been after a teddy coat for months, and was initially drawn to this one at urban outfitters. However the classic slouchy fit of this Topshop one, alongside the ashy beige tones of the fur is what appeals to me the most. I love to play around with texture and shape more than colour, so think that this neutral versatile piece will be well loved alongside my current wardrobe. I can't wait until I get my Topshop Birthday code later this month and this will be straight in my basket!

Topshop Longline Jumper in Blue (£39) - I first came across this jumper from Sinead Crowe (my current fave blogger, youtuber and instagrammer!) I love how her style is so relaxed, feminine with a bit of edge at the same time –  I find that most of her pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the choice of accessories. The only thing I dislike about this jumper is the lack of natural fibres. One of my current goals is to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time quality wise and be a piece that I continue to love over the years. However, I find that this slouchy that this off shoulder style suits my personality and body shape well, and I will definitely get my wear out of it until I am in the position to spend more money on a similar style in more luxury fibres.

Charlotte TilburyRetoucher Concealer in Shade 2 Fair (£25) - This will be a repurchase! I rarely repurchase products, as I'm quite particular with finishes and formulas - however Charlotte Tilbury is a brand where I  instantly fall in love with their products and repurchase as soon as I run out. I never could rationalise spending so much on a concealer before trying this out, it works so well with undereye circles as well as blemishes. 

Glossier Moisturiser (£18) - Yet another repurchase. I really appreciate Glossiers approach to skincase before beauty. I find that this moisturiser alongside their creamy cleanser really nourishes my skin without leaving a sticky film, and brings a glow from within. I really enjoy using this product and can't wait to repurchase.

Let me know down below what's on your lust list or if you've tried any of the products/items mentioned above!

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