25 before 25

   New Year is often the time where people set ‘generic goals’, that whilst they may have the best intentions and utmost motivation, they rarely seem to achieve in full. This year however, there has been a surge of popularity regarding long term goals. The 30 goals to achieve before reaching 30, has been promoted by various you tubers and bloggers.

   However as I am almost 22, I wanted to set goals that involved a shorter time period, and therefore decided to set myself 25 goals before I turned 25. I began by separating the goals into three topics:

1. Physically – Focusing on goals that I felt improved myself as an inner person, whether that is in a health way, personality wise, or experience wise. I have included things such as sell a piece of art work, develop a good friendship group, compete in a horse riding competition, take my husband gorge walking, visit Paris, see wild cats, and learn how to make Croissants.

2. Materially – This however is focused more towards goals that affect how I am viewed on the exterior, such as owning certain material possessions. Some of the goals address my personal financial position, and what I’d like to use my savings for. Some of the goals also relate to owning my first designer bag, owning a proper camera to document more of my life.

3. Spiritually – This is more towards my spiritual career and relationship with God. I view this as the most personal area of goals.

   As a more visual person, I created a book which lists all of these goals in the contents page. I have then dedicated a separate page for each goal, in which I can plan and document completing this goal. I thin when I reach 24 and I have hopefully reached these goals, I will be able to look back through this book and be full of pride!

   I will be sure to document the process throughout the years on this little blog, and hope that you’ll be inspired yourself to do something similar!

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