It's a big bizarre really, being stuck in a rut of uncertainty.

Really I have everything going for me, and have so much to be excited for. I am engaged to my best friend, I get to see him everyday. I changed jobs, reduced my hours, increased my wage. I should be happier, but I keep wanting more than what I have.

I want more money. I want more time for myself. I want to be in a busier city, I want to have more friends, I want to be more stylish, I want to be more unique, I want to be emotionally stronger, I want to have done the things I thought I would have done years ago.

I once heard that life is full of regrets, but I also once heard that you should live your life without regrets.

This year I want to change my outlook on life. I've always been a half full kind of gal with life, but with myself I'm half empty. I am so sure of myself, yet I'm so unsure of who I want to be?

It makes no sense!?

I want to have a healthier view of myself, and be proud of my achievements.


Not necessarily over past mistakes, but I tend to look at the things I used to do but now don't through rose tinted glasses. I need to look forward and stop considering going back to my old job, I need to either put in the effort to make this job work, or look for a new one.


Stop trying to mould myself into an expectation of others. I still need to take into account other people opinions and respect the way their feelings are affected by my actions. But I need to start doing things the way I really want to do them, not because I think someone is going to like/dislike me for it. I tend to hold myself back because I worry about other people judging me (Even if I don't even know them!)


Stop crying over everything! I used to have a much stronger mentality, I need to get it back. I need to be more more mentally prepared and organised so that I have the motivation to get up on time every morning. Perhaps I could even make my lunch in preparation for the day so I have something nutritious and healthy to look forward to whilst at work?

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