The Wardrobe Cull

Been there, done that, binned five t-shirt's. Man did I feel good. Nothing like a streamlined wardrobe full of items I love and feel confident in, to help maintain a positive mind set.

When I clean out my wardrobe I do it throughly. I find the process mentally cleansing too, It feels almost as if its a fresh start, the beginning to regaining some organisation and control over my life. It's all positive.

On the other hand I tend to struggle with finding the time and initial motivation to sort it out. So from past experience, I've put together a few points that have helped motivate me to do a proper wardrobe cull. Maybe it will help a few of you?


Hands up, who's done it? Standing in the small patch of clear carpet, staring at the contents of your wardrobe scattered over the floor. The aim is to create a series of piles; sorting out which item is going to your younger sister, which goes to the charity shop, and which goes into the bin. You start all enthusiastic, but you eventually end up stuffing it all back into the wardrobe with seemingly more items of clothing that you begun with initially. 

So you need to ask yourself the following key questions:
Do I really like it?
Do I really wear it?
Do I really need it ?


Order by clothing type, then clothing colour. It makes items easier to find. 

I cannot recommend having sort out when the seasons change. This doesn't mean throwing away. You need to put away the non seasonal items for a bit until you need them next so that your wardrobe doesn't get crowded.


I'm so busy, that fitting in a whole day to sort out my wardrobe isn't proctical or feasible, so I need to keep on top of it.

One of the things I have been doing recently is getting out my outfit for the day before.That way you don't make rush around in the morning making a mess of your wardrobe when trying to find something to wear. It also makes for a much less stressful start to the day and an extra 10mins in bed!

And finally...
Do I really need to fill its spot?
If you're content with your current wardrobe picks, then there's no need to pack your wardrobe full of new purchases. Although saying that there's no harm in the occasional retail splurge so long as your new additions are well thought out purchases not impulse buys! 

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