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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Healthier Outlook

No word of a lie I'm writing this whilst eating a twix bar. Hence why I'm writing this. I'm hoping it'll give me a bit more motivation to be good.

I'm constantly in a hurry, in a hurry for the train, in a hurry for a meeting, a hurry to meet my boyfriend. And I'm almost constantly peckish. I'm a  big snacker. So I tend to pick up some processed rubbish in an aid to fill whatever hole there is.

For instance I woke up late this morning and forgot to prepare my lunch last night, therefore ended up picking up my lunch in a hurry. Today's lovely lunch consists of a packet of crisps, a twix bar (RIP - couldn't wait), microwavable chips, and a galaxy biscuit bar. Nutritious.    

Whereas yesterday I prepared and had a lovely salad :)

I'm not overweight and I have a pretty fast metabolism. So eating healthily isn't in order to lose weight. The problem when I eat bad food is I get bad skin from it and it puts me in a bad mood. I just need to put more thought and devote more time to eat properly. Yes that means waking up earlier to make some avocado on toast...

So here's a few of my 'aims':

1. Wake up earlier - Make a cup of tea and have a nice breakfast. I like avocado on toast and egg on toast. It'll take 20mins max. Wake up 30 mins earlier, go to bed 30 mins earlier. It's not like I'm losing sleep.

2. Buy nice food from the supermarket before - Although fruit and veg is so expensive, it's cheaper than a meal deal. At my old job I used buy salad from the supermarket. I'd use the fridge, plates and forks because they were nice. The facilities at my current job are to put it plainly - gross. Therefore I don't prepare food here, so I need to do it at home.

3. Exercise like I did - For my heart's sake. I used to swim, run and horse ride all the time. Now I walk from the station to walk. I would like to be more toned, but I need to look after my insides too by keeping a strong heart. Also endorphins. I could do with more happy hormones! My boyfriend has always done weights at home, but now he goes to the gym for the machines and equipment, maybe beg to join him?

4. Olive oil it to death - I like olive oil on salad, it makes it tastier. And bread. I used to have a bottle of Olive Oil and a bottle of balsamic glaze on my old work desk. I need to do it the same at my current job.

5. Try out vitamins - Omega 3 for the heart? Vitamin B for Energy? 

Friday, 22 January 2016

February Wants

Now that I'm planning for a wedding, saving up to furnish my new home, I really should keep away from online shopping and delete my topshop app. However these are my top 5 wants this month.

Blouson Sleeve Jumper in Raspberry - £34 from Topshop

It's a well known fact that I have enough jumpers and knits. But look at the colour of this beauty!! As self professed monochrome addict, this muted knit will help me transition into the brighter spring months, whilst still fitting in with my classic tastes.

Fine Knit Pointelle Top in Oatmeal - £25 from Topshop

I recently fell in love with this long sleeved number from Topshop. I am lacking on the long sleeved front, so this will be a much loved and valued addition to my wardrobe.

MAC Strobe Cream - £24.50 from John Lewis

With the promise of glowy skin I am dying to try this! Also can someone explain why the travel version is cheaper per ml?

Urban Decay Naked Weightless Naked Foundation - £27 from John Lewis

My Chanel Vitaluminaire Aqua has been finished. I loved Chanel's foundation but I wanted to up my coverage without compromising the light feeling on my skin. Reviews on this foundation seem pretty good. Just need to work out which shade I am, then I'll spend my John Leis voucher!

Silver Flash Necklace -  $27 from HRH

I saw this whilst watching one of Samantha Maria's recent videos. I love how simple it it, yet makes you look like you've put so much effort into an outfit.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Wardrobe Cull

Been there, done that, binned five t-shirt's. Man did I feel good. Nothing like a streamlined wardrobe full of items I love and feel confident in, to help maintain a positive mind set.

When I clean out my wardrobe I do it throughly. I find the process mentally cleansing too, It feels almost as if its a fresh start, the beginning to regaining some organisation and control over my life. It's all positive.

On the other hand I tend to struggle with finding the time and initial motivation to sort it out. So from past experience, I've put together a few points that have helped motivate me to do a proper wardrobe cull. Maybe it will help a few of you?


Hands up, who's done it? Standing in the small patch of clear carpet, staring at the contents of your wardrobe scattered over the floor. The aim is to create a series of piles; sorting out which item is going to your younger sister, which goes to the charity shop, and which goes into the bin. You start all enthusiastic, but you eventually end up stuffing it all back into the wardrobe with seemingly more items of clothing that you begun with initially. 

So you need to ask yourself the following key questions:
Do I really like it?
Do I really wear it?
Do I really need it ?


Order by clothing type, then clothing colour. It makes items easier to find. 

I cannot recommend having sort out when the seasons change. This doesn't mean throwing away. You need to put away the non seasonal items for a bit until you need them next so that your wardrobe doesn't get crowded.


I'm so busy, that fitting in a whole day to sort out my wardrobe isn't proctical or feasible, so I need to keep on top of it.

One of the things I have been doing recently is getting out my outfit for the day before.That way you don't make rush around in the morning making a mess of your wardrobe when trying to find something to wear. It also makes for a much less stressful start to the day and an extra 10mins in bed!

And finally...
Do I really need to fill its spot?
If you're content with your current wardrobe picks, then there's no need to pack your wardrobe full of new purchases. Although saying that there's no harm in the occasional retail splurge so long as your new additions are well thought out purchases not impulse buys!